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What is Sexual Orientation?

Sexual Orientation describes how sexually and romantically attracted you to feel about someone. Sexual identity falls under many labels such as gay, lesbian, bisexual, queer, asexual, pansexual, curious (bicurious), heterosexual (straight), homosexual, or questioning.  

What Label Describes my Sexual Identity?

You may be a guy who likes both sexes or a girl who is attracted to straight, gay, or lesbian. It isn’t straightforward. You can fall under the questioning label to experiment with who catches your attention.

Avert says that many identify as gay, may not consider themselves any label, or don’t want to be labeled. The feeling may start at a young age when you begin to feel attracted to the opposite or the same sex. As you go through puberty, you may be confused, and the attraction may change or stay the same and evolve with time.  


 What is Gender Identity? 

Sexual identity signifies a part of who you are, and as stated in plannedparenthood, being gay isn’t a choice.  There’s no treatment of any kind that can change your sex or gender identity. Gender identity is the gender you feel is a part of you within. It may be male, female, a blend of both genders, or no gender.  

How do I ‘come out’ to my family and friends?

First, learn about yourself and discover your true identity. Coming out to people you trust the most can be exciting. However, coming out to family can be scary, nerve-wracking, and stressful. There are many resources and support outlooks you can locate on social media and at your local support groups.  LGBTCenters helps you find your near LGBT community. 

Strongfamilyalliance is a support group full of professionals and passionate mothers who dedicate their work to provide resources and tips for parents and helping their children come out. You are not alone, and you are loved!

What if I experience homophobia/bullying, and where can I find support? 

According to Strongfamilyalliance, LGBTQ youths are more likely to commit suicide, experienced drug and substance abuse, and face violence and rape than heterosexual and non-transgender teens. Find positive support and acceptance from loved ones to gain a more sense of safety and belonging. You are not alone, and being who you are is not an illness, punishment, or a choice.  

How do I practice safe sex?

Consider educating yourselves on the prevention of HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases when you and your partner consent to sexual intimacy. 

Condoms are the best way of preventing STDs and pregnancy. There are a variety of condoms for him and her. 

Condoms can fit vaginally, anally, and sex toys. Check out our array of condoms for males and females. Use a condom on toys to help prevent STD’s when sharing toys with a partner. Other ways of pleasurable physical intimacy are anal and oral sex. During oral sex, dental dams are applied over the vaginal area to help prevent STD’s and also enjoy flavored ones for more fun! 

What Lubricants best fits my needs?

When utilizing condoms for anal or vaginal penetration, lubrication is an excellent way of preventing chaffing and dryness for pleasurable ease. I remember my first experience trying anal, and it was not a pleasurable one! A big red flag was that we didn’t use lubricant, and it felt forceful and painful. Remember to lubricate, lubricate, lubricate! With any penetration, use lubricants to ease irritation, pain, and make the experience a desirable one! Please always cleanse those goodies too! 

Waterbased Lubricants 

There is a variety of lubrication for toys.  Waterbased Lubricant is best, and here are a few reasons why. Waterbased is compatible with all materials of sex toys, although some people may want to use silicones or material oils. However, when using silicone or oils, keep in mind that they may cause deterioration of your favorite sex toys that consist of silicone or a blend of it or other body-safe materials. Waterbased lubrication is safe with all elements of adult toys. There are some made with high-quality organic ingredients. They can also vary from delicious flavored lubes and can be used even as a body topping. 

Silicone Lubricants

Silicone lubricants are lubricants based on the majority of silicone ingredients. Some silicone lubricants are enhanced with vitamin E. Silicone lube is the best lube for preventing stickiness and can soak into our bodies, and it stays slicker than waterbased lubricant. Waterbased thick gel or high-quality silicone is a must for the best anal experience! 

Cleansing That Booty Hole

Just like applying that underarm deodorant, brushing your teeth, taking a nice hot shower, or spraying on some Burberry, cleansing your anal is just as important! Just in case I want to go beyond first base, I would consider not eating something crazy the night before and using a douche after I defecate. Check out our selection of anal douches that best fits your needs. Squeeze warm, clean water internally to wash out any impurities. Make your anal experience a good one!

Sex Toys for Gays

Enjoy the possibilities of pleasing yourself or your partner. There is a selection of toys designed for him and her or whatever you desire. Remember not to use silicone oil or other oils on silicone toys. It will deteriorate your toys. You may use condoms on your adult toys to practice safe sex when sharing.

Adult Toys for Lesbian 

The top-selling toys for lesbian are Double dongstrap on harness, and a dildo set. There is so much more to discover, such as vibrators, g-spot toys, anal beads, and butt plugs. Check out our women’s toys for more options! 

 Adult Toys for Gay Men

The most popular toys for gay men are butt plugdildostrap on harness, and nipple suckers. Also, there is an array of masturbators, anal toys, and cock and ball toys.  

 How to Clean Your Sex Toys

Clean your toys using specially formulated toy cleaners to prevent 99.9% of germs while reducing the risk of future irritation to your delicate. Check out sex toy cleaner for quick and easy cleaning.

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