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What is Considered a Dead Bedroom and the Ways to Fix it?

 Your partner is all playful and excited to get going in the bedroom. But you lack the energy and interest to match up to his/her level of excitement. Are you secretly struggling with decreased sexual intimacy? 


Physical intimacy or, more clearly, sex is not just about fulfilling a physical need. It is a crucial aspect of a relationship between two people. And trust is the foundation here. Having a low sex drive is normal; it could be caused due to physical or mental blocks. However, addressing the issue in time is important, especially before it takes a toll on your relationship. 


In this article, we discuss the possible reasons for a loss of sex drive, the common sex problems in a marriage, and a few solutions to resolve them. 


Loss of Sex Drive

  • Stress – 

A survey has revealed that job stress is the number one reason for causing a dead bedroom for most people. Job stress has a tremendous psychological impact on the human body. The stress hormones affect libido and the arousal response, hence eliminating the need for sex. 


  • Body Changes: 

Commonly, some physical changes in the body can also affect your sex life. Women going through menopause complain of decreased natural lubrication and libido. As they age, men also find themselves grappling with erectile dysfunction, which has the most negative effect on their sex life. Hormonal imbalances, chronic illness, weight gain are other factors that lead to a loss of sex drive. If you and your better half do not discuss these changes, then it can lead to negative sex, resulting in less sex. 


  • Kids: 

Starting a family is also a cause of reduced sex drive, leading to a dead bedroom. The kids become a priority. With children around, their responsibility and caregiving become more important than anything else, and sex often gets pushed to the back burner.


  • Less Satisfaction: 

If you are not enjoying sex with your partner, you will no longer have sex with him or her. This is one of the simple but very important reason. 

Sex Problems in a Marriage 

Many issues can lead to sex problems in a marriage

  • Usually, men want more sex than women. Generally, after becoming mothers, women are distracted, more engaged in parenting, and spend less time with their husbands. 
  • In some cases, the couple is shy about discussing sex because openly discussing sex is taboo in many societies.
  • Sometimes your partner loses interest in having sex with you, and there can be many reasons behind it like he or she might not enjoy having sex with you anymore, or the person wants you to do something special. This loss of interest causes a significant sex problem between married couples. 
  • Couples, after getting married, often compare their married life with their single life. This comparison can bring a drift in their relationship and intimacy, resulting in less sex.


How to Solve Sex Issues in Marriage 

  • It would help if you talked about the good old days that you had with your partner. This can help spice up the relationship after marriage and lead to good married and sex life.
  • You should sit with your partner and discuss the problems that are decreasing intimacy. This will help you to identify and solve the problem. 
  • Do not compare your sex life with sex life portrayed in movies as those are unnatural and adequately choreographed. So, if you compare and things do not happen as planned, it will lead to sex problems.

      Be specific. People include men too!

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