October 01, 2020 32 min read

TJ was amazing. He was everything Jacob ever wanted in a man. He was tall, muscular, and his wide jaw was covered in two-day-old stubble. It tickled his inner thighs as the larger man gave him the best oral he'd ever received. They had met the night before on a gay hook up app, and he was by far the greatest he'd ever matched with before. They wanted the same thing—a no strings attached night of pleasure that would leave them breathless.

And TJ was holding up his end of the bargain. His skillful tongue licked and flicked his tip, causing Jacob to suck in his breath and fist his hands on the sheet. He was so close but didn't want to finish without him. "TJ," he said between gritted teeth, causing him to chuckle after releasing his cock. He kissed his way back up to his neck, leaving goosebumps in his wake and tickling him with his stubble again.

Jacob grabbed his face and locked lips with him in a desperate kiss before flipping them over, so he was straddling TJ. "My turn," he told him with a smirk after breaking the kiss. The arrogant look TJ gave him turned him on even more, and Jacob quickly made his way toward his impressive member. He took it in his hands, finding it hot and pulsing, and drew his tongue across the tip.

TJ moaned at the sensation, and Jacob took him fully into his mouth, bobbing his head before he even had the chance to adjust. He wrapped his hand around the base and moved it with the same rhythm as his head, and TJ was soon moaning and wiggling beneath him. "I want you," TJ told him, drawing Jacob's attention to his beautiful blue eyes.

He teased his cock for another moment before releasing it and turning a smirk to TJ. "Top drawer." He gestured to the nightstand and ran his fingers down the length of his member, causing it to twitch beneath him. TJ grabbed one of the packages and tossed it to him, and Jacob smirked again. 

Jacob opened it and put the rubber in his mouth, holding the tip against the roof of his mouth with his tongue. TJ looked at him intrigued, and Jacob held his eyes as he covered his cock with his mouth again, working the condom down gently with his lips. "That's hot," TJ said with a moan as Jacob continued to give him orala moment longer.

"You ain't seen nothing yet," Jacob promised as he straddled his waist and guided his cock into position. He gently lowered himself onto him, bouncing a bit when it started to hurt and was soon seated fully on his member. He leaned forward and braced himself on his well-defined chest before starting a slow, easy rhythm. It only took a minute for him to get adjusted, and Jacob began to pick up the speed, rising up on his feet to go even deeper and faster.

TJ gave Jacob his hands for support, and he began to bounce on him with abandon. "Oh fu—" TJ moaned, causing Jacob to smirk. A moment later, TJ flipped them over without warning, pushing Jacob's legs into his chest, and burying his cock as far as it would go. Jacob cried out in pleasure, which tapered off into a moan as TJ took his cock in hand and began to stroke it.

"I'm taking you with me," TJ teased, letting Jacob know it wouldn't be long for him either.

"You can take me, however, wherever you want," Jacob told him with a grin before grabbing a fistful of his hair and yanking him down for a kiss. It was hot and desperate. The kiss of men about to come and want their partner to feel everything that they were.

It broke off as both pulled back to cry out as they came together. Neither TJ's thrusts nor his hand stilled for a minute longer, drawing the pleasure out for both of them as long as he could, until he finally collapsed on top of Jacob. It was a bit uncomfortable, but Jacob didn't care. A little discomfort was a small price to pay for such a powerful orgasm.

After a minute, TJ rolled over and drew Jacob into his arms. He was panting and covered in a thin layer of sweat, and Jacob's cock twitched at the sight of him, causing TJ to chuckle. "You'll have to give me a minute if you want to go for round two."

Liking the sound of them going again, Jacob held TJ's gaze as he licked his nipple before sucking the little bud into his mouth. "You're insatiable," TJ said, amazed as he ran his fingers through Jacob's sandy hair. "We should probably clean up first."

"I know a way we can do both at the same time," Jacob told him before giving him a chaste peck on the lips and standing up. He grabbed another rubberfrom the drawer before making his way toward the bathroom. He stopped in the doorway to inquire, "Are you coming?" TJ was off the bed in a second, and Jacob ran laughing as he chased him out of the room.


Dawn arrived with the incessant chirps of the birds that lived outside Jacob's window. He found he didn't mind them as much that morning as he remembered the hunk of a man he'd fallen asleep beside the night before. Hopefully, he would be up for around three.

But as Jacob opened his eyes and glanced over to where he expected to find him, he found the bed to be empty other than himself. He ran his hand along the sheet and found that while it was still warm, it had cooled enough to confirm that TJ was already long gone. Jacob sighed and moved to sit up when a paper crinkled as he moved the sheets.

He grabbed it and found it was a note left by TJ. I had an amazing time. We should do it again in the future.

Jacob smiled and agreed that it was worth repeating before getting out of bed and slipping into a pair of slacks. He made his way into the kitchen to grab a glass of orange juice and was about to drink it when his door buzzed. A quick check of the monitor informed him that it was the mailman, and not TJ returning as he had hoped.

"At least he's cute," Jacob said with a chuckle before buzzing him in. He opened the door to wait for him, leaning against the wall, wondering what his reaction would be to seeing him standing there half-naked. He'd been trying to gauge his mailman's preferences for a while but had no luck so far.

"Sign here, please," the mailman requested as Jacob gave his well taken care of body a once over. Jacob took the offered pen, his fingers accidentally grazing against his, but still, there was no reaction from him.

Straight. That's a pity. He signed his name and took his mail before closing the door as the mailman walked away without a word. Jacob set the mail down on the counter, about to go back to his orange juice when one piece caught his attention. It was an invitation. More precisely, it was an invitation to his 10th high school reunion. His previous good mood darkened, and Jacob crushed the announcement in his hand.


Jacob stood in the hallway of his high school, barely 18 years old, as he watched the boy he'd had a crush on since freshman year, walk past. He was surrounded by his friends, all jocks like himself, and completely the opposite of Jacob, who had yet to find his own click in school. The closest he had was his best friend, Megan.

While Jacob was shy and an introvert, Tommy was energic and outgoing. The entire school loved him as their star quarterback, but as he'd never seen him with a girlfriend, Jacob secretly hoped it meant he stood a chance. If only Jacob could get Tommy to notice him.

It wasn't fair. He would give anything to have the courage to confess his feelings to him, but as Tommy disappeared around the corner, Jacob knew he never would. He sighed and made his way toward the locker room to change for the gym. It was the highlight of his day as the football team practiced on the field at the same time.

As pathetic as it was, Jacob would often mess up during gym class so the teacher would force him to run laps around the field. It gave him the chance to watch Tommy in his element without risking being seen. It was sad, but it was all he had.

In the changing room, he headed toward his locker to grab his gym clothes only to stop in his tracks. There Tommy was, in all his glory, showering in the stall in front of him. The stall door covered his lower half well enough, but it did nothing to hide his well-toned chest from Jacob's view.

Jacob swallowed hard before realizing he was staring as his body started to react. Not wanting to get caught, he started toward his locker once more, only to be stopped as someone grabbed onto the back of his shirt. "What do we have here?" one of the jocks, Franky, asked as he pulled him back to in front of Tommy's shower.

"Looks like someone has a hard-on for guys," Franky teased, refusing to let go when Jacob tried to pull away from him. The shower turned off, and Tommy stepped out, still wrapping his towel around his waist, and giving Jacob a full view for a split second. His body betrayed him, and his member twitched at sight.

"Oh, it looks like it's you he's attracted to Tommy," Franky said before turning Jacob toward Tommy so he couldn't miss the bulge in his pants.

Tommy looked startled for a moment before glaring at him in disgust. Jacob's heart broke, and he wanted nothing more than to get as far away from them as he could, but they had other ideas. "What do you say we teach him a lesson, boys? About who he's supposed to react to." The other snickered at Tommy's suggestion, and Jacob dreaded what it might be. He began to struggle with renewed energy, but it did little more than cause Franky to hold on tighter.

"Strip him," Tommy instructed, and his friends were quick to do as he bid. Within a minute, Jacob was naked and being held by two of the boys. "Follow me. The girls can beat the gay out of him," he said, laughing at his own joke, and Jacob struggled to get free-knowing he wasn't in for the type of beating he was alluding to.

Try as he might, Jacob was unable to get free and soon found himself being thrown into the girls' locker room. They noticed him before he had even hit the hard, linoleum floor and started screaming. "Get out of here, you pervert!" Becky yelled as she stomped over to him and kicked Jacob in the side before he could even get up.

"Wait—" Jacob tried, but couldn't get more than a word out before someone threw a volleyball at his face. He felt the blood dripping from his nose at the same time as the girls noticed it and started screaming even louder.

"What the hell is wrong with you?" "What kind of a pervert comes into the girls' locker naked?" "You're so nasty!" The voices were all coming at once, and he couldn't tell them apart.

"I didn't—" Again, Jacob was cut off, this time to one of them stomping between his legs. He howled in pain, but it only spurred them on.

"Tommy and Franky—" More kicks to the face. Another to the stomach. Their screams and insults covered any attempt he made to speak.

"What the hell is going on here?" a teacher's voice bellowed out over them—silencing the girls instantly.

"I was—" Jacob tried to explain, but his words were cut off as Becky kicked him between his legs again. 

"This pervert came in here and striped in front of us!" Becky claimed.

"No, I was thrown—"

"He was watching us change!" Another girl, another blatant lie.

"Tommy and Franky threw me—"

"Be quiet, you pervert!" Becky accented the word "pervert" with another kick to his groin.

"That's enough, Becky," the teacher told her. "Get your clothes and get dressed, boy." After almost four years in the school, two of whom he had classes with her, she still didn't know his name.

Though, as Jacob looked up and realized she was pointedly looking anywhere than at him, he figured she probably hadn't seen his face to know who he was. Of course, either option did him much good.

"I don't have any clothes. Tommy and Franky stripped me in the boy's locker before throwing me in here!"

"No, they didn't! Don't lie, you pervert!" Becky screeched at him, turning back as though she planned to kick him again. Jacob covered himself with his hands, hoping it would offer at least some protection.

"Does someone have a towel?" the teacher tried inside when no one was able to find his clothes.

"Jacob?" a soft voice came from the back of the group, and he turned to find his best friend Megan standing there in shock.

She's going to hate me.

"What the hell did you assholes do?" she demanded as she pushed her way through the crowd to kneel beside him.

"Language, Megan," the teacher warned.

"If he didn't want to get beaten, he shouldn't have snuck into the girls' locker room!"

"Shut it, Becky!" Megan spat at her, looking as if she was going to attack the other girl.

"Enough, both of you. Just get him a towel so I can get him out of here," the teacher demanded.

Megan looked around before apparently coming to the same conclusion as Jacob—no one was going to offer their towel. "Bunch of assholes," Megan said before pulling off the oversized t-shirt she was wearing for the gym and handing it to him.

"Megan, you can't," Jacob tried to insist, but Megan wasn't having any of it.

"I can change back into my normal clothes. You can't." With that, she took off her shorts and was standing there in just her sports bra and underwear.

"Thank you," Jacob said, doubting he would ever be more thankful for anything in his life, as he put on the shorts. They were a bit tight, but he wasn't about to complain.

"Let's go, young man," the teacher instructed, and Jacob gave Megan a slight smile. The small movement sent a jolt of pain through his apparent split lip, and he gritted his teeth as he followed her out the door.

Jacob wasn't even able to speak at the principal's office before the teacher threw out, "He was caught in the girl's locker room without any clothes on."

"I told you, Tommy and Franky stripped me and threw me in," Jacob shot back at her only to have the principle bark at him.

"Be quiet." He turned his glare back to the teacher and softened his eyes. "Continue."

"No one saw him be thrown in, but his clothes weren't in the girls' locker."

"Thank you. You may head back to your next class. I will deal with him." The teacher nodded and left the office without so much as a glance in Jacob's direction. "What do you have to say for yourself?"

"As I said, I was thrown in after being stripped by other students, what do you have to say about that? Tommy and Franky, along with more of their friends, stripped me and physically threw me into the girls' locker knowing full well that they would assault me. The girls kicked me and threw volleyballs at my face. My nose is still bleeding. What are you going to do about that?"

"Without any proof, there isn't anything to be done. However, you were caught exposing yourself in the girls' locker room. You are suspended for one week, and if there are any more problems from you, you will be expelled."

"There is plenty of proof that I was attacked, I'm still bleeding! How can I be suspended when those that assaulted me get away without a single punishment?"

No matter what Jacob said in his defense, the principle wouldn't listen. He threatened to expel him if Jacob didn't leave his office. With no other choice, he went home and spent the entire week at home—stewing in his anger. Jacob had the perfect plan to get his revenge on Tommy and Franky. All he had to do was wait.

But when he returned to school, he was met with a worse hell than when he left it. The word fag was spray-painted on his locker. Judging by how much more faded the paint on his was the others around it, it looked like it had been written and cleaned off many times already.

All of his bravado and planning for revenge went out the window the moment Tommy and his group passed him in the hall. Tommy noticed him first and drew everyone's attention to him. "Which one of us did you jack off to thinking about last night?"

The whole hallway busted up laughing, and Jacob realized he'd been outed to the entire school while suspended. In a fit of rage, Jacob charged toward him. Just before he could reach him, Tommy lifted Jacob into the air and tossed him into his own locker.


Jacob stared down at the crumpled invitation before tossing it into the trash. High school was long over, and he had no interest in digging up the past. He turned his attention back to his orange juice only to be interrupted once more by his telephone ringing.

He smirked, already knowing who it was. Only one person ever called him this early. "Hello, Meg," Jacob greeted as he answered the phone.

"Good morning, sunshine. Did you get yours yet?" Megan was as chipper as always.

"Get my what?"

"Your invitation to the reunion silly. I got mine in the mail this morning, so I figured you did too."

"What does it matter? There's no way in hell I'm going to that horror show. They were horrible teenagers; I'd hate to see what kind of adults they turned into."

The only good thing that came out of high school was their friendship. Megan was the only one who stood by him after he was outed and treated like crap by their classmates.

"You've got to come with me, Jacob. My husband has to work that night, and I can't go by myself."

"I'm not giving those assholes the satisfaction of treating me like crap again."

"It's the perfect chance to show them how much better you are than them, Jacob. To show Tommy that you turned out so much hotter than he ever was." She paused for a minute, and he debated hanging up. "If you don't go, Jacob, if everyone even remembers you, it'll be like the boy thrown naked into the girls' locker room.

"Give them something else to remember you by this time. Come back and show those assholes that you rose above them and became a hot, successful man—making more money then they could ever dream of."

"I doubt any of them care how I turned out."

"It's not about them. It's what you need to do for yourself. You will regret it if you allow them to have the last say on who you are and what you've become."

Jacob sighed. He knew Megan would never give up until he agreed to her request, and it wouldn't be the first time she was right about something.

"Fine. I'll go with you. But don't think I won't hold it against you when it all goes terribly wrong."

"I'd expect nothing less." Megan hung up with a chuckle, and Jacob found himself wondering exactly what he had just agreed to.


The day of the reunion arrived, and Jacob found himself standing just outside the entrance—staring up at the sign welcoming back the class of 2009. The loud music and noise carried from inside, and he dreaded finding out just how much worse it was indoors.

"Come on," Megan prompted, pulling his arm and guiding him under the banner.

"Let's get it over with." That was pretty much his theme for the night. Get in, and get it done and over with as quickly as possible so they could leave and never have to see any of those horrible people again. On the drive over, Megan tried to convince him that people could change, and he knew that to be true—after all, his classmates had all changed once they learned what he was—but it was never in a good way.

No one changed for the better. They just allowed people to see them for who they truly were. 

Megan weaved her way in between others, standing around chatting, pulling him along to the welcome table. "Megan Rose and Jacob Mathew." The woman handing out the name tags looked at him strangely for a moment, apparently trying to place his name before a huge grin split her face.

He could spot the face of someone who just recognized him and remembered what he was known for, from a mile away. "The committee has decided not to use regular name tags; instead, each one says what the person is most known for in high school. Everyone has to guess who everybody is based off that.

They wouldn't… Judging by the look Megan gave him, she had the same thought. Jacob turned toward the tag on her shirt. Cheer squad captain.

On second thought, she probably would. But it wouldn't matter. If his horrible nightmare of an experience at high school was on his name tag, Jacob would walk right back out the door. Megan wouldn't try to stop him, and he wouldn't stop her from punching the "committee," which was exactly what she looked about to do.

Their name tags were handed over with the same perky smile she had in high school, and Jacob visibly cringed. Megan's read "female lead in the play" while he was "first openly gay student." Are they freaking kidding me?

Jacob glared at the idiots behind the table and helped up his name tag in anger. "I wasn't openly gay; I was forcefully outed. There is a huge difference. Don't try to claim you're all PC now, as I know exactly who the 'captain of the cheer squad was' and you were one of the worst assholes I dealt with in high school."

He turned and made his way toward the main room without giving her the chance to respond. There was nothing she could say that he would want to hear. Megan jogged to catch up to him, apparently a bit surprised by his sudden outburst.

"You're right, Meg. It was a good idea to come here. Telling her off was therapeutic."

"Wasn't quite what I had in mind, but it'll do," she said with a chuckle.


In the main room, the noise was so loud that Jacob had no idea how they managed to have conversations over it, yet everywhere he looked, people seemed to be grouped up and chatting away as if there were no interruptions. He'd never been one for shouting over people, but he wasn't really in the mood to talk to any of them anyway, so he supposed it didn't actually matter.

"I'm going to get us some drinks. Try not to yell at anyone until I get back. I don't want to miss it," Megan half-joked before walking away toward the refreshments table. Jacob thought about telling her to wait that he would go with her, but someone needed to find their table. Judging by the little place cards he could see on the table nearest to him, there would be assigned seats.

Not that it surprised him any. After all, why would they want to sit anywhere other than with their clicks even though high school was long over? As long as he got placed with Megan, it didn't matter where anyone else sat.

Jacob moved around, making his way from one table to the next unable to find their place settings. Much to his surprise, expecting to find no one else he was even slightly interested in talking to, Jacob spotted someone he never thought he would see there—TJ.

His hookup from a few weeks before. What is he doing here? Did he go to school with me? It seemed unlikely as Jacob was certain he would have remembered him if he had, especially if there was another gay student, but after what happened to him, he wouldn't exactly be surprised to learn someone stayed in the closet to avoid the same.

Jacob smiled at him when TJ noticed his presence, but it fell the moment their eyes meet, and TJ's widened in surprise and, if he wasn't mistaken, anger. Did he think I followed him or something? He couldn't blame him for being angry if so or if TJ worried he would out him to the rest of their classmates.

TJ headed straight for him, demanding, "What are you doing here?" 

Jacob opened his mouth to assure him that it was a coincidence, when another voice shouted over him, drowning out what little he managed to say. "Tommy!" Jacob turned in shock to where he instantly recognized the man coming toward them as Franky. It was impossible to miss as he was wearing his old letterman jacket.

What a tool. Even as the thought crossed his mind, it dawned on Jacob what he said. Tommy. 

Jacob looked back at TJ in disbelief. "Tommy? As in Tommy Jackson?" He didn't wait for him to answer instead, Jacob turned his attention to the name tag. Quarterback.

He couldn't believe it, and yet when he looked back into TJ's eyes, it was unmistakable. They were the same blue eyes that glared at him over ten years ago when Tommy ordered for him to be stripped. The same mesmerizing eyes flashed with hatred when Jacob returned from suspension and tried to attack Tommy once he realized he'd outed him to the entire school.

TJ is Tommy? Doesn't that mean Tommy is— Jacob couldn't finish the thought. The answer was obvious enough, but the last thing he needed was to confirm that his high school crush was a closeted homophobe.

Tommy opened his mouth to say something, but whatever it was, Jacob had no desire to hear it. Instead, he turned and walked away. He had to get away from there. He needed to leave. Jacob headed out to the hall and started toward the exit. "Jacob, what's wrong?" Megan called after him, and against his better judgment, he stopped and turned back to her.

"I just ran into Tommy." It was all he could say, but it was enough.

"Ouch, that must have been awkward."

"You have no idea." Though Megan knew about his encounter with TJ as Jacob kept no secrets from her, he wouldn't tell her about Tommy. After all, it wasn't his secret to spill.


After making a few rounds of the hallway, working up the nerve to go back inside, Jacob and Megan finally headed into the main room just as the committee called for everyone to take their seats. He debated ignoring them for a minute, just to annoy them, but decided it wasn't worth it. Doing so would only draw everyone's attention to him, and that was the last thing he wanted.

At their table, fortunately far away from Tommy's, who was currently glaring at him, Jacob found them grouped up with other members of the drama club. It was fine with him, though he couldn't actually remember any of them. At least it meant they didn't make a huge impact on his high school life. Those that did, with the exception of Megan, were never in a good way.

"Welcome, everyone, from the class of 2009!" Becky took center stage and caused the majority of the room to hoot and holler as if they were all back in high school again. Jacob fought the urge to roll his eyes at the display. Megan didn't bother fighting hers, and he smiled when he noticed the gesture.

"I can't believe it's already been ten years! Time flies by so fast, doesn't it? We're so glad that everyone was able to make it tonight as a reunion just wouldn't be the same if some of our classmates were missing."

I can think of one that wouldn't have mattered. Not for the first time, Jacob wished he just stayed at home that night. He could have gone without Becky's cliché speech, and it definitely would have been better if he had not learned the truth about TJ.

"We're going to be presenting the awards now." She turned toward one of the other committee members who handed her a cheap-looking award. "First up, the student that has done exactly what they have set out to do."

"Does that even fit on the little plaque?" Megan grumbled, lowering her voice enough that only their table could hear it causing them to chuckle.

"They look so cheap, and I don't think any of the awards have anything written on them. Probably just making up shit as she goes," Jacob added, inciting more snickering.

Becky seemed to notice as she glanced over in their direction. He gave her a pointed look, raising his eyebrows and tilting his head, daring her to say something to them. She wisely looked away. "Congrats to Franky, who is playing pro-football!" The room erupted in another round of cheers—even louder than before.

"Surprised, he wore his high school letterman's jacket instead of his current team uniform," Megan said exactly what Jacob had been thinking, and it wasn't the first time. One of the reasons they got along so well was because their thoughts were usually pretty in-sync.

Franky made his way up onto the stage, holding the "award" over his head as if it actually meant something, before starting a pointless acceptance speech which Jacob tuned out. As he glanced around the room, he found Tommy was glaring at him again. Or perhaps still. It didn't seem like he had any intention of looking elsewhere that night, and Jacob gave him the same pointed look he used on Becky.

This time it didn't have its desired effect, but as Franky was making his way off the stage as Becky got ready to read the next award, Jacob decided to ignore him. "Up next, we have the award for the person who's come the furthest!" Again Jacob tuned them out, not caring what another member of the popular crowd was voted popular again.

Becky continued on for some time, and Jacob was getting close to falling asleep before Megan kicked him under the table. "What? It's not like I'm going to miss anything," he pointed out before turning his attention back to Becky anyway.

"Our final award tonight is a very special one, the person who inspired people the most. It takes an amazing person to touch people so deeply that it still affects them to this day. With no further ado, Jacob Mathew!"

The table turned to him in shock, and Jacob was certain he'd heard her wrong. "She didn't call my name, did she?"

Deciding to explain the ludicrous decision, Becky continued, "His coming out in high school made it possible for many that came after to feel accepted."

"She's kidding, right?" Megan could only shrug in response.

"Go find out?" Megan suggested with a shrug.

Jacob debated telling her to accept it on his behalf before deciding against it. Rising to his feet, he made his way to the stage already knowing exactly what his "thank you" speech was going to be.

She handed him the award with the same stupid smile plastered on her face. Jacob did not return it as he glanced out at the crowd and found Tommy was unsurprisingly still glaring at him. The threat in his eyes was easily discernible—do not say anything.

Holding the award in front of him, Jacob held Tommy's glare with his own as he addressed the crowd. "You're all a bunch of homophobic hypocrites." There were gasps from his classmates, but he ignored them. "I didn't come out in high school. I was kicked out of the closet by a bunch of bigots who thought it was funny to strip me naked and throw me into the girls' locker room to "beat the gay" out of me.

"I am glad things have gotten better for my community after I graduated, but not a single one of you can even think about calling yourselves accepting or allies. You can cheer and applaud yourselves for 'coming so far' and 'changing the most,' but the truth is, you are still those pathetic assholes who I had the unfortunateto go to high school with.

"Your 'amazing' pro-baller was the very one stripped me and grabbed my hands while your 'prom king' held my feet and threw me in the locker room. Your cheer captain," he gestured to where she was hovering nearby, undoubtedly trying to get him off the stage, "who had the gall to put 'first openly gay student' on my name tag, kicked and beat me while begged and pleaded with her to stop as I tried to explain that I had been thrown in against my will.

"The class president spit on me when I came back to school after being suspended for what those assholes did to me. All of this because Franky figured out that I had a crush on Tommy. Who, surprise, surprise," he paused again to turn his eyes back to Tommy, "Is still a homophobic asshole. So take your piece of shit award and shove it." As Jacob walked passed Becky, he pushed it into her hands and left the stage.


Back at the table, Jacob paused to speak with Megan. "I've said my piece. I'll wait out in the car for you."

"I'll come with you," she said, starting to stand up, but he placed his hand on her shoulder to stop her.

"It's fine. At least one of us should enjoy our time here." Jacob gave her a slight smile and made is way out of the room. He felt the eyes of those he passed on him but chose to ignore them. There was nothing more that needed to be said between them.

As he's walking through the hallway, his exit was interrupted by a voice behind him. "Hey!" Already regretting it, Jacob turned back to watch Tommy stomp toward him.

"Don't bother, Tommy. I don't want to hear whatever you have to say. Have fun with your shame spiral."

Jacob started to turn away. "I'm not like you," Tommy practically spit at him.

"No, Tommy, you're not. I was never ashamed of who I am. No matter how much you and your friends tried to make, me be. I am a damn, proud gay man, and I no longer have to hide or live in fear. But you will be doing so for the rest of your pathetic life."

"You better not say anything." The threat was obvious, but Jacob found it humorous instead of scary. He laughed.

"I would never out someone, TJ. I'm not a monster like you." Jacob turned and walked away, not bothering to let him respond.


Jacob wasn't left waiting in his car for more than a half an hour before he spotted Megan making her way out to him. He was about to send her back inside when he noticed she wasn't alone. Though he wasn't sure who the man was, he remembered he had been sitting at the table with them.

They got in the car, with Megan in the front seat, and Jacob glanced at him in the rearview mirror before turning to her. "Taking home strays now?"

Megan laughed. "This is Michael, he was in the play with me, do you remember?"

Jacob glanced in the review mirror again. "I remember he sat at our table inside. I take it you need a ride home." He held his gaze in the mirror.

Michael laughed and shook his head. The sound was airy, and light and Jacob found himself smiling. "No, actually, I wanted to talk to you doing the reunion, but you left before I could. Truth is, I had a huge crush on you in high school and had been about to confess before the jocks showed their homophobic colors.

"Not that it would have stopped me. I would have confessed when you came back, but I was afraid you wouldn't believe me with the way everyone treated you."

"I wouldn't have," Jacob admitted. If anyone had tried to claim they liked him back then, he would have assumed it was some trick played on him. Probably would have attacked him for it. He decided it was best not to tell him that part.

"What about now?" Michael asked, and Jacob held his gaze in the mirror once more.

"I suppose you will have to prove it." The challenge was clear to Michael as he smirked. 

Megan apparently understood as well as she complained, "It's getting too hot and heavy in here for me to stick around like a third wheel."

Jacob chuckled. As if that would have made her leave. "I'll take you home first, Meg, don't worry."

"No need, Jacob, my husband, is here to get me." Confused, he turned to her in question, and it was Megan's turn to chuckle. "I called him after talking to Michael. High school may not have ended the way you wanted it to, but tonight still can."

Megan opened the door, and Jacob glanced out her window to see her husband waving from his car. Jacob waved back before calling out, "Thanks for making me come tonight, Meg. You were right. It was better to get that off my chest. I'm glad I finally had the courage I didn't have ten years ago."

"You can thank me by giving me all the details tomorrow," she threw at him before closing the door.

Jacob shook his head with a chuckle before turning back to the rearview mirror. "So where to?" Instead of answering right away, Michael climbed into the front seat and turned to him with a smirk.

"Wherever you're going."

Jacob backed into his apartment door, his lips locked in a heated kiss with Michael's. They had barely managed to get into the elevator's privacy before Michael smirked at him, pressed him against the wall, and captured his lips for the first time. It was a heated, desperate kiss, as were the many after it, and Jacob enjoyed every moment of them, but if they were going to be able to get inside, he was going to need to come up for air.

As Michael's hands began to roam under his shirt and across his chest, he realized he had to intention of stopping. Though the thought of continuing right there at his doorstep was intriguing, it was still early enough that some of his neighbors would be coming and going from their units down the hall. Instead, Jacob grabbed his hips and spun them around, so Michael was now the one pinned to the door.

He fished in his pocket for a moment for the key, and just about dropped it when Michael's hand reached his groin and gently squeezed. "Patience," he mumbled into the kiss before fitting the key into the lock and opening the door. Michael fell back to the floor when his support was gone, and Jacob followed laughing when the kiss was finally broken.

"You have no idea how long I've waited for this," Michael said, panting, his hungry eyes roaming over Jacob.

"Sorry to keep you waiting," Jacob said as he kicked the door closed at the same moment that he captured his lips. Though the wait hadn't been his fault, he wanted nothing more in that moment than to make it up to him. And he would, all night long.

His hands were frenzied as they pulled at Michael's shirt, somehow managing to get it over his head without ripping it. The moment it was tossed aside, Jacob released his lips and began to trail kisses down his neck to his well-defined peck. He circled his nipple with his tongue for a moment before sucking the small bud into his mouth.

Michael hissed at the sensation, and Jacob smirked before paying the other the same attention. He trailed his kisses lower again until he reached his belt. Jacob glanced up, kissing, and nibbling the same spot while he waited for Michael to realize. "Don't you dare stop," Michael whined, causing Jacob to chuckle before he undid his belt.

Jacob pulled his pants down just enough passed Michael's hips that they wouldn't be in the way and gave his member a stroke. Michael moaned and grew harder in his hand. Jacob smirked before stroking him again and leaning down to lick his tongue across the tip. "Oh, Jac—" His name was cut off by another moan as Jacob did it again.

Jacob chuckled at the reaction, earning an annoyed glare from Michael, but it was quickly replaced with an expression of pure pleasure as he wrapped his lips around his cock and drew it into his mouth. He continued the oral for a couple of minutes until Michael was good and hard, before releasing him to kiss his way back up to his neck. "Shall we move this to the bed?" 

"If you insist," Michael said with a smirk, before climbing to his feet and kicking his pants off the rest of the way.

Jacob walked backward toward the bedroom as he took off his shirt and tossed it away. Without missing a step, he slipped out of his pants and watched as Michael's gaze wandered over his naked body. "Like what you see?"

"Very much so," Michael assured him, before licking his lips and closing the distance between them to capture Jacob's once more.

They fell back on the bed, never breaking the kiss, and things quickly became heated again. When Michael finally broke the kiss, he made his way to Jacob's cock and took him in his mouth without so much as a warning. Jacob moaned at the sensation, and Michael chuckled before beginning to stroke the length of him in time with his mouth.

Soon Jacob was writhing beneath him and couldn't stand to wait any longer. Catching Michael's gaze, he instructed, "Top drawer." Michael raised his eyebrows in question but reached over for the nightstand and grabbed a condom out of the drawer.

Michael released his member from his mouth but continued to stroke it with a firm grip. "So, who is it for?"

"You. This time." The smirk Jacob gave him promised more times to come that night before they were finished. Michael licked his lips before finally stilling his hand so he could open the package.

He slipped it on his own cock and positioned himself. "You ready?" he asked, teasing Jacob with the tip without penetrating yet.

"Very much so," Jacob assured him, using Michael's earlier words, and causing him to chuckle. He stopped laughing a moment later as he began to push himself into Jacob, moving slowly and watching his face for any sign of discomfort. "Do it." His voice was whiny as if he were begging, but Jacob supposed he was. He wanted nothing more than to feel Michael inside him, and he was taking too long.

Michael smiled at him before leaning down to kiss him. The moment his lips were on Jacob's, he shot his hips forward and buried himself the rest of the way into him. Jacob moaned into the kiss before lifting his hips to meet Michael's, wanting him to move so he could adjust quicker. Michael seemed to understand as he pulled back and began a slow, steady rhythm.

It was better than anything he'd ever felt before, but Jacob still wanted more. He wanted Michael to feel the same pleasure he was. As the kiss heated up, he rolled them over, so he was on top and pinned Michael's hands down on the bed. Jacob pulled back, breaking the kiss so he could lick and nibble his way down his neck to his pulse. Michael shuttered beneath him, and he smirked before raising himself onto his feet. 

Careful not to break their connection, Jacob lifted himself to the tip before slamming down on his full length, causing them to moan at the same time. Raising his head to look into Michael's eyes, Jacob held his gaze and did it again. Michael tried to keep his eyes open, to hold Jacob's gaze, but as he did it a third time, they roll back in his head as he moaned and fought against Jacob's hold on his hands.

"I want to touch you," Michael whined, causing Jacob to smirk before finally releasing him. The moment he was free, Michael flipped them over before pulling himself out. "On your hands and knees." Excited by the command, Jacob did as he was told, and Michael shot his hips forward, sinking his entire length once he was in position.

"Fuck, Michael!" Jacob cried out only to moan a moment later when Michael wrapped his hand around his shaft.

"Say it again," Michael instructed as he began to stroke his cock.

"Fuck?" Jacob teased as he glanced over his shoulder, unable to maintain eye contact for long as Michael increased the pressure and speed.

"My name. Say my name again. You have no idea what I would have given to hear you say that in the throes of passion."

"Michael," Jacob breathed, before licking his lips and holding his gaze once more. "Fuck me, Michael. Make me scream your name as I come."

His eyes glazed over, his lips parted slightly, showing how much he enjoyed hearing the words from Jacob's lips, and he realized the sight turned him on more than he would have thought. 

Michael picked up the pace, and they were both soon panting for breath. "I can't—" Michael attempted to say, only to be cut off by a moan as Jacob thrust back against him, causing him to go deeper.

"Than don't," Jacob said, knowing it wouldn't be long for himself either. A few more thrusts were all it took for Michael to be thrown over the edge, dragging Jacob along with him as his strokes became more frenzied. 

They collapsed on the bed, and Michael rolled over, pulling Jacob tight against his chest, and holding him in place. It was the most comfortable Jacob could remember being in a long time, and he had no decision to move anytime soon even if they would need to clean up eventually.

"What do you say we rest for five minutes and pick this back up in the shower?" Michael whispered in Jacob's ear; his hot breath was tickling him with each word.

"Sounds like the second-best suggestion I've heard all night," Jacob agreed as he snuggled closer to him and closed his eyes.

"What was the first?"

"You coming home with me."


Awoken by the sunlight warming his back, Jacob yawned before turning his head to check the spot Michael had been when they went to sleep the night before. Though disappointed, he wasn't entirely surprised to find it empty. After all, they never stipulated that it would be more than a one-night stand even if Michael had liked him for ten years.

Perhaps he wasn't a morning-after kind of guy, or maybe he thought Jacob wasn't. Either way, Jacob would find out easily enough when he called him to meet up again. Just because it started out as a one-night stand, it didn't mean it had only to be that. His phone beeped, and Jacob wondered if he was texting already. Unfortunately, as he checked his phone, he found it was TJ messaging him on the hookup app. 

Jacob debated ignoring it but figured he might as well get it over with as he would need to block him on the app anyway. 

I'm sorry, Jacob. As far as subject lines, it was a pretty good start. Jacob opened the full message, rather surprised by what he found. I really am sorry about last night. I had a good time with you when we hooked up, but when I saw you, my whole world began crumbling around me.

I don't have the courage and strength to come out like you did, and to be honest, I actually liked you back in high school. It probably just makes things worse now, but when my friends called you out, I couldn't go against them without outing myself.

Tommy was probably right, but that didn't excuse his behavior. Jacob scoffed before messaging him back. My crush on you ended the day you showed me your true colors, and if I knew who you were before we hooked up, we never would have. You are right about one thing, though, Tommy. I am strong. Strong enough to stay the hell away from you. Consider your number blocked, and do not contact me again.

Jacob hesitated for a moment before adding, I do hope you find the strength to accept who you are. It's horrible living a lie. Turning off his phone, he tossed it onto the bed and rolled over to get up, but spotted Michael standing in his doorway with a tray of food.

"Hope you don't mind me using your kitchen," Michael said with a smile before making his way toward the bed and setting the tray down on the nightstand.

Jacob sat in bed in looked the food over for a moment before telling Michael, "I'm not hungry." The disappointment was evident in his expression, but Jacob knew it wouldn't last long. "For food," he added and grabbed Michael's shirt, pulling him down onto the bed. Jacob flipped them over, so he was on top and captured his lips in a kiss that quickly became heated.


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