March 15, 2021 3 min read

Can penis owners really enjoy the same "what the fuck just happened to me" experience air pulsations provide to clitoris owners?  Air pleasure for woman has taken vagina owners to new heights clitorally since they appeared on the adult toy shelves in Germany five years ago. 

Its time to find out as The same company that invented the technology has made a futuristic looking space ship like stroker for making your or his penis happy, very happy.  So I got the Arcwave by Wow Products and thought, "hmm, it could be fun but lets put it on the back burner".  Working in our industry causes a bit of desensitization in the idea of trying everything because there is so much to try.  I also thought it may be just like any other stroker I've tried before.  Stroking sleeves are fun, don't get me wrong but they are for the most part created equal.  A soft jelly ribbed sleeve.  

The Arcwave is a water submersible rechargeable male sex toy for pleasure.  The toy comes with a sleek stylish DryTech charging case with cover to place and charge the toy as well as store .  The toy is made of ABS plastic and phthalate-free soft and stretchable silicone.  The silicone is ribbed and the air pleasure port or mouth if you will is on the inside of the sleeve.  This toys is easy to clean and the plastic air pleasure rechargeable side twists off of the silicone sleave side for easy cleaning.  Great thinking of the engineers at Wow Products!  Now lets get back to my review.

The Arcwave is not created equal!  This out of this world stoker made me take off like a Space X Rocket Ship complete with a tremendous exciting climatic explosion not long after lift off.  I wasn't sold at first stroke.  I tried it out at a low air pulsation speed with some water based lubricant and it felt nice.  So I turned up the air pleasure speed and it started to rumble louder.  The rumbling began to feel much better and I tried to see what was the better side to use the Air Pleasure on the top side the penis or the underside.  It was great on both sides but I decided the underside where the skin and the glands meet know as the frenulum felt the best.  I turned it up to what I think was full speed and let it sit there in amazement of the pleasure it caused.  Five or so strokes later out of shear muscle memory of my hand this rocket ship as I said blew up.  

I was shocked that this toy caused so much pleasure as I was excited about it but not fully sold that air pulsations would be very satisfying to penis owners.  I must say afterwards that it very much is and I recommend it to all who want something unique for themselves or their partner. The intense new experience your penis will have is worth the price. Whether you call it air pulsation technology, sonic air, air pleasure or whatever else each manufacturer wants to deem their titles of air pleasure toys to set themselves apart from the rest its here to stay for woman and now men.  This toy will blow penis owners minds and I must say, "Thank You" to Wow Products for such a great time.

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