March 09, 2019 3 min read

Have you ever thought I can perform better than this in bed? Better yet have you answered yourself back muttering, of course, you can you have before. Chances are we all have been in this situation at some point. Is this stale fish sex or three or more positions lovemaking? What is it that caused the limitation in your performance? It can be many factors varying from our state of mind to our nutrition habits.

The old saying you are what you eat still stands to this day in bed too. Would you like to make love as a GMO filled, machine sorted, processed fried potato or a sustainably grown organic hand-picked pepper? When the habits of eating right affect your day to day energy levels it will also affect your energy levels while making love. Do your best to put foods on your plate that are real. Boxed or bagged food items that are filled with preservatives and ingredients that are difficult to pronounce are not real foods. Good real food in the body equals good energy use out of the body.

Our sensual health in its entirety is not only based on what we eat. Sleeping and the quality of your sleep is as important to your health as what you place on your palette. It can be hard for most Americans to wind down and get high-quality sleep with all of the technology around us grasping for our attention. The best way to have optimal performance is to get 7-9 hours of sleep. While making sure you get enough sleep also develop a pattern of when you get to sleep and when you wake on a regular schedule.

Sex can be exercise but is it enough? Feeling the connection to our partner on an intimate level is more than physical but we will discuss that more in depth in the future. Making a habit of even 10-15 minutes of exercise daily can increase brain function and overall energy. A simple walk or a short cross fit routine on YouTube can be the key to better performance later in your day. Exercise is often the one part of a healthy lifestyle most people dread, yet without moving our body the blood won't pump as much as we may want it to when the pumping really counts.

Last but not least our emotions will either help or hinder throughout the story of intimacy. From the moment you're turned on to the big O emotions will direct your next move. Mental state can cause our mind to explode with excitement or to shut down and hide in the corner. Assist your overall state of mind by giving yourself the gift of stillness. Meditation daily dramatically improves your well-being. Start by sitting in a quiet environment and focusing on breathing slowly in three seconds and out three seconds. Imagine the thoughts that come in your mind as a cloud drifting by. Once you see a thought appear simply acknowledge it without judgment and then let it float away.

To really be at our peak performance with our partner you need to take care of number one first then we can perform our best for our lover. Follow the above steps to begin a new revolution for your abilities in your sex life and beyond. If you apply these steps consistently you will notice a change. If you feel you need more vitality in bed beyond these suggestions there is a libido enhancer drink such as Passion to assist in blood flow for him or her. I have personally tried Passion before placing it on our shelves and can say it works very well! Other very popular products are male or female enhancement dietary supplements in liquid and capsule form.

Although we carry products to increase performance the best way to be at the top of your game is to do it through a lifestyle of good healthy habits of eating real clean food, getting enough sleep regularly, exercising daily, and meditating daily. As always, we're here for your sexual information resource. Join our sensual wellness classes in-store or online via YouTube, Facebook, or Instagram. Thank you for visiting The Fallen Angel and we look forward to assisting you and partner in an exciting sensual journey.

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