April 30, 2020 2 min read

“Babe, do you know what a rabbit toy is? I’ve been wanting one forever!”  “Of course, I’ve heard of it,” they say and they head out the door to the adult boutique to pick up a “rabbit”.  “Wait, what the fuck is a rabbit?” they think to themselves as they drive down the road.  Maybe you yourself heard friends chat about the excitement of it or you read about it on social media.  You are unsure about what to look for.  It’s a vibrator that looks like a rabbit shape right, wrong.  So, here is some information on what a rabbit sex toy is to help get yourself or your partner. Sometimes people feel uncomfortable asking adult-oriented questions online or in-store.   This will help relieve some of the anxieties surrounding this question.

A rabbit toy may be deceiving as a descriptive toy name.  It’s easy to be fooled by the name as it sounds like an adult toy that simply shaped like a rabbit with tall ears.  But a rabbit in the sex toy world is actually a J-shape form.  Go ahead and make a J-shape in front of you with your hand using your index finger and thumb.  Imagine the index finger as the part of a sex toy that is for the internal stimulation or g-spot stimulator and the thumb as the external stimulator or clitoral stimulator of the toy.

 What type of rabbits are there?  Rabbits come in many styles, colors, shapes, materials, and designs.  By far rabbit form or J-shape sex toys are by far the best-selling category of toys in the adult novelty industry.  There are rabbits that have one or more vibrating motors, some have rotating beads in the shaft area or thrusting shaft rabbits, and there are now air pulsation clitoral toy rabbits too.  We will discuss some of our favorite rabbit sex toys in a future post but now you know what a rabbit toy is when you want to get one, and you should because they are very satisfying.

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