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Uberlube 50 ml Bottle

When you reach for a lubricant you want something that looks and feels luxurious.  Judge the book by the cover in this case!  This clean bottle design will not disappoint the keenest of fashion eyes.  When Uberlube is applied to the skin the silky touch will entice you and your partner to play as long as your want.  Uberlube is made of silicone and is compatible with condoms.  There is no added scent or flavor in this superior product.  Use uberlube  without worry as it is pH balanced and won't affect healthy bacteria's.  Uberlube is for your active lifestyle in any form.  Use it for sports to prevent chaffing or apply to protect and shine your hair.  What ever you find for its best use count on Uberlube to assist you and your partner over and over.  The slightest bit will leave you satisfied as there slogan is "Start with a little".  In the dark or light you will know how much you need with this smart pump design.  Each press will give you the same amount never leaving you with too much or little.  Nobody wants to feel sticky!  Wipe off or wash with soap and water, Uberlube will not leave you sticky or tacky.  Ever had a bottle label peel back?  Uberlube's fantastic design is label-less and will be clean always.

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